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Our Mission

Our Vision

Saint Monica University Higher Institute (SMUHI) seeks to become the University of Choice for premier professional programs where students succeed; and to become the recognized leader among applied sciences universities that excel in effective teaching, active experiential learning, scholarly research, and responsible engagement in the global community.

Our Mission

Saint Monica University Higher Institute (SMUHI) inspires and prepares students to become contributing citizens of the global community by educating them for professional careers in current and emerging fields within the context of an education informed by the sciences and humanities.

Our Core Values

SMUHI shares six core values that promote a positive and rewarding life for its students through fostering a genuine appreciation and respect for:

A Values Orientation:

SMUHI affirms a philosophy of life that actively supports peace with justice, and the health of the planet and its people. Therefore, in light of this affirmation, it encourages students to become reflective about personal, professional, and societal values. It also encourages values-based ethical behaviour.

Professionalism and Entrepreneurship:

SMUHI provides professional programs that prepare students for current and future career opportunities. SMU emphasizes entrepreneurship and prepares students to be job creators or effective and efficient employees with the appropriate technical and soft skills.

Community and Diversity:

SMUHI promotes the goal of community within a context of diversity. Therefore, it encourages students to understand and appreciate the diversity of cultures that exist locally, nationally, and internationally. It also seeks to promote appreciation and preservation of biodiversity by helping students understand the impact/dependence of human beings on their environment.

Lifelong Learning:

SMUHI commits itself to promoting education that facilitates lifelong learning. Therefore, it teaches students how to learn, to think critically, to do constructive research, and to access and integrate information to prepare them for continued personal and career growth.

Community Service:

SMUHI believes that personal service is a primary goal of the educated person. Therefore, it encourages students to experience the responsibilities and rewards of serving the human and ecological community.

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