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SMUHI’s Uniforms

All students are called upon to respect the dress code as enshrined in the student handbook, institutional rules and regulations put in place by management for the smooth running and functioning of the institution. No indecent dress on campus, No Slippers (flip-flops) on campus and students should be well dressed.

It is mandatory for all students to be in possession of the required institutional health wear, institutional T-shirt and Sports Wear in time to be put on during special days and specific events as will be found below this document and when announced by management. And that:

Upon arrival on campus and during registration and payment of fees, students are expected to make payments of these different institutional wears and measurement will done by the institutional tailor for subsequent production and handover.

Meanwhile, students are allowed to come with their health wear only, however, to ensure quality and uniformity it should meet the institutional design and respective programs. Students should note that they will have to present it to management for confirmation and approval, and upon approval, they have to deposit it for it to be institutionalized with the institutional logo or badge at their expense.

Sports and physical education (recreational and social activities) otherwise core or extracurricular activity is compulsory for all students at all levels throughout their studies at SMUHI. However, those with some degree of impairment are exempted with the support of a visible medical report signed and stamped by a medical practitioner.

  • Fridays and other sporting events (Sports & Clubs activities) – Institutional Sport Wear COMPULSORY for all students.
  • Wednesdays – Health Wears is COMPULSORY all students of the School of Health and Human Services.
  • Fridays (Half Day: All lectures end at 12:30) – Institutional T-Shirts COMPULSORY for all Students

Optionally, students are encouraged to put on the institutional health wear and T-Shirts on other days or occasions as they deem necessary.

However, as deemed necessary by management or on special and specific events, occasions or activities students will be informed and instructed to dress with their different institutional wears.

Below is the Schedule for the Institutional Wears;

1. Wednesdays Health Wears All Health Students COMPULSORY
2. Fridays Institutional T-Shirts All Faculty, Staff & Students COMPULSORY
3. Fridays Institutional Sports Wears All Students COMPULSORY

Note Worthy is that students shall not be permitted to gain access to any institutional service on the above days if they do not appear on campus or for any of these activities properly dressed as stipulated above.

Students facing other challenges could also report them to the Directorate of Student Affairs (DSA) and benefit from our free guidance and counselling services.

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