The School of Science, Engineering and Technology (SSET) of SMU ungloves three components namely; Science, Engineering and Technology. The science department responds to the needs of students for both general and specialized education in science offering the Bachelor of Science and the Bachelor of Art degree in biology, chemistry, mathematics and Physics. The Bachelor of Science degree permits a heavy emphasis on selected subject matter and closely allied fields whereas the Bachelor of Arts in science is designed for the student who desire a more broadly based education while still specializing in one of the sciences. Students are allowed to select a degree program in science to complete their prerequisite courses for professional study programs. The Engineering Departments (architectural, chemical, civil, electrical, environmental, geological, and ICT) strive to educate and train engineers who have the breadth of vision to formulate and solve problems of today and the future. It is expected that a student who conscientiously applies himself/herself and successfully completes an engineering program will be technically trained and socially educated, thereby being well prepared to make a significant contribution to the world in which he/she works.


The mission of SSET is to serve the region, the country and the global community by providing graduates who are well founded in engineering fundamentals and instilled with high standards of professional and ethical behavior and prepared to meet the complex technical challenges of the society. In the various disciplines of the Department Aplied Sciences, students are provided with technical expertise and a broad education so as to meet the challenges of feeding the world, improving health, protecting the environment and enriching youths. The programs in Agriculture ensure the technical know-how on the production of adequate and safe food supply for a rapidly expanding world population; ensure a succeeding global economy, maintaining our planet’s natural resources and biodiversity. Students are taught to apply knowledge to solve problems as scientists and other professionals. The information technology department cumulates computer engineering program and information technology system whose mission is to provide students with an education that ensures an excellent understanding of hardware and software systems and the necessary system designs and development skills, and that fosters professional curiosity and imagination that drives them throughout their career. The following degree programs are offered in the school:



Bachelor of Engineering in Civil and Architectural Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer and Electrical Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering in Network and Telecom System Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering 

Bachelor of Engineering in Software Engineering

Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering

Master of Engineering in Computer and Electrical Engineering

Master of Engineering in Geology and Mining Engineering

Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering

Master of Engineering in Petroleum Engineering

Master of Engineering in Software Engineering



Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science

Master of Science in Agriculture with concentrations

Master of Science in Sustainable Development


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