ENG 610 Advanced Engineering Mathematics with Computational Methods
ENG 620 Computer Architecture and Design
CEE 610 Digital Signal processing
CEE 620 Electric Drives and Machines
CEE 630 Fundamentals of Energy and Power Systems
CEE 640 Advanced Power Electronics
CEE 693 Internship
CEE 698 Thesis in Computer and Electrical Engineering


ENG 610: Advanced Engineering Mathematics with Computational Methods

Advanced math topics including matrix analysis, vector and tensor calculus and complex variables. Infinite series expansions and their use as solutions of variable coefficient differential equations. Partial differential equations, nonlinear differential equations and systems of differential equations. Integral transforms. Evaluation of infinite integrals. Elliptical integrals and functions; Green’s functions; Bessel, Laguerre, and Legendre functions; Tensor analysis; Jacobians; diffusion, wave, Laplace and Poisson equations.


ENG 620: Computer Architecture and Design

Principles and advanced concepts and state-of-the-art developments in computer architecture: memory systems, pipelining, instruction-level parallelism, storage systems, multiprocessors, relationships between computer design and application requirements, and cost/performance tradeoffs. Additional topics include particular emphasis will be placed on architectures for DSP applications.


CEE 610: Digital Signal processing

Description of discrete signals and systems. Z-transform. Convolution and transfer functions. System response and stability. Fourier transform. Sampling theorem. Digital filtering. State-space representations.


CEE 620: Electric Drives and Machines

This course provides an integrated approach to electric drives and subsystems that make up electric drives: electric machines, power electronics based converters, mechanical system requirements, feedback controller design, and the interaction of drives with the utility grid.


CEE 630: Fundamentals of Energy and Power Systems

This course will provide a high level view of energy and power from a systems perspective. Major components of power systems and the technical specifications in relation to various industries will be explored.


CEE 640: Advanced Power Electronics

This course provides an approach to the design power electronic converters. Topics include state average modeling, inverter design, resonant converters, snubber circuits, and feedback control design.


CEE 693: Computer and Electrical Engineering Internship

Field visits to engineering companies will be carried out to expose students to practice all/some of the civil and Architectural engineering skills learned.


CEE 698: Research Thesis in Computer and Electrical Engineering

You must complete a satisfactory thesis to be awarded a Master’s degree. This piece of work, undertaken in the last semester gives you the opportunity to apply the techniques and theories you have learned during the taught modules. Thesis topics reflect the expertise of your lecturers and you may be asked to choose from a list of options. Supervision often starts with small groups of students studying similar topics meeting with their supervisors, who then guide students in deciding on the focus for their individual dissertations. The thesis itself normally consists of a literature review followed by a piece of empirical work, involving either qualitative or quantitative research.


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